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OC Pepper Spray Certification, Handcuffing, and Defensive Tactics

McGrew and Associates offers the following training classes for Security Guards:

OC Pepper Spray Certification-$40.00

McGrew And Associates, Inc. offers OC (Pepper Spray) Certification for Security Officers. This is a 2HR course that consists of a video, lecture and written test. The Pepper Spray Certification card will be issued at the conclusion of the course. Students who attend the Baton class can complete the Pepper Spray class on the same day. Other Training facilities certifications must be renewed every two years. Our OC (Pepper Spray) Certification and Baton certifications are both good for life. All Fees are Non-Refundable

Handcuffing Course-$40.00

McGrew And Associates, Inc. offers a Handcuffing course that will teach students how to safely apply and remove handcuffs. This course will also teach students how to search suspects for weapons. The course is taught by a certified instructor and is an excellent course for new officers. All Fees are Non-Refundable.

Defensive Tactics

The vast majority of Security Officers in the State of California are working in unarmed Security positions. This 4 hour course was designed for the Security Officer to help defend himself in violent situations. Space is limited for this course, so students must pre-register prior to attending this class.   Please check our calendar for class dates.


Prerequisites: You must have completed and passed the California Guard Card Class (Powers to Arrest).

Requirements: All students attending this class will be required to pass a written examination and a practical proficiency test. This course is designed for security officers of all genders, of all sizes, strength, fitness and skills.

Dress: This class will consist of 4 hours of hands on training and you will be taken to the ground during this class, so please dress accordingly. Casual clothing (no dresses please), fully enclosed shoes with socks.

Description: This four hour course will teach unarmed defensive tactics designed for close quarter violent encounters, where the security officer has no other choice but unarmed self-defense. Topics covered- Escapes, Situational Awareness, Defense from strikes and how to move while being attacked.

You will be trained how to use effective NON-Lethal defensive tactics in a reasonable manner, and within generally acceptable “use of force” guidelines.

The Instructors have trained Army Rangers and MARSOC Marines for pre-deployment and currently train the Department of Homeland Security, California Division.

This practical based course will increase your skills and confidence in dealing with resistive subjects. The techniques taught are acceptable in the courts and in the community; subjects can be effectively controlled in a humane manner with minimal potential for injury; these skills can be effectively used by any security officer, regardless of size, gender or age.

You cannot become a martial arts expert or a skilled fighter in a short course, but you can learn important skills that may make a difference in a self defense situation. It is better to have this knowledge and never need it than to need it and not have it. All Fees are Non-Refundable.

Additional Training